Airborne Edge

Take off with the Airborne edge!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the years, Customers in Middle East, Africa & South East Asia have realized the importance of valuable support and service that companies like Airborne Systems provide; and increasingly prefer to deal with them instead of multitude of OEM’s due to the following:

One stop source resulting in fulfillment of diverse needs of the Customer’s various platforms.

Supply of entire requirement to the Customer to retrieve an unserviceable component rather than piecemeal supply from various OEM’s and resultant follow up on EDD’s by the Customer.

Acceptance of standard terms & conditions of the Customer rather than Customer negotiating on disparate terms and conditions with various OEM’s

Ease of follow up for the Customer due to vendor consolidation.

Availability at Customer’s doorstep and time zone to respond instantly to all queries etc.

We offer the customers “The Airborne Edge” of

Accessibilty - 24 x 7 at your doorstep
Reliability - Established track record.
Flexibility - Solutions to meet customer’s requirement.

Let us be your source and experience the difference in performance and commitment!

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